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Helpers Award

The Philosopy Behind the Course

English Gymnastics (EG) is keen to encourage people of all ages, gender an ethnic origins to volunteer to help in the organisation and running of gymnastics and trampoline clubs and extra curricular sessions in schools.

There are many benefits for volunteers including:

  • Learning and developing skills
  • Building self-confidence
  • Improving your CV
  • Making new friends and having fun

The Helpers' Award Aims

Whilst the Helpers' Award is not a coaching qualification, it does give an introduction into the skills and attributes required to be a gymnastics or trampoline coach. The main objectives of the Helpers' Award are:

  • To signpost opportunities which can lead to further training and qualifications
  • To enable sports leaders to apply their leadership skills to a sport specific situation
  • To explore the variety of ways in which volunteers can support gymnastics activities and opportunities
  • To provide an insight into key principles and good practice involved in the delivery of gymnasitics and trampoline activities

The Helpers' Award is aimed at:

  • Students who are working towards or have obtained a Sports Leader Award
  • Teaching Assistants, adults other than teachers and students who are involved with after school clubs, for example, as part of a School Sport Partnership or School Sport Club Link programme
  • Young people who have been involved in gymnastics or trampolin as a participant
  • Family members of a child involved in a club
  • People who have not been involved in gymnastics befoe, but are looking for an activity that they can become involved in, that will enable them to support the wider community in a voluntary capacity

The minimum age for candidates to attend the award is 14 years (discretion can be used by the tutor for mature candidates under 14 years). It is not necessary for canditates on the Helpers' Award to have any prior involvement or knowledge of gymnastics.

Course Duration

The Helpers' Award is a 6 hour theory and practical course that can be completed in 1 whole day, or 2 x 3 hour sessions, or 3 x 2 hours sessions. Participants will receive an attendance letter and those who wish to obtain the Helpers' Award certificcate will be required to complete a period of post course experience under the supervision of a Helper Co-ordinator.

Helpers' Award Five Step Plan

There are five steps to achieving the English Gymnastics Helpers' Award

  • Attend the Helpers' Award Course
  • Identify a suitable placement(s) to complete the logbook
  • Agree a plan with a Helper Co-ordinator
  • Complete the worksheets and tasks and have he logbook signed off by the Helper Co-ordinator at English Gymnastics, who will arrange for a Helpers' Award certificate to be sent to the Helper

Interested in the Helpers' Award then contact English Gymnastics or one of the tutors listed.

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